Hotel security:
  • Only accommodated persons and staff are present on the premises
  • We have placed hand disinfection dispensers for guests on the premises of the hotel
  • Our personnel has been properly prepared for the pandemic and is equipped with protective measures as well as additional disinfectants
  • Hotel employees are obliged to disinfect hands and office rooms
  • We have prepared a special check in zone (plexiglass is available at the reception desk, there is an appropriate distance between guests and the receptionist)
  • Each room is properly disinfected, generally cleaned and aired before your arrival
  • Room cards are disinfected daily
  • We provide disinfection of all touch surfaces – handrails, door handles, light switches, handles, handrails for chairs and flat surfaces, including table tops
  • In generally accessible places you will find instructions on how to proceed in individual parts of the facility and containers with antibacterial gel
  • We provide the possibility of purchasing disposable masks
  • Only people registered in a shared room can use the elevator at a time